Drew Edward Davies             Music of New Spain
Drew Edward Davies

Musicians are increasingly interested in performing the music of New Spain (colonial Mexico), but often don't have access to reliable performance editions. In order to facilitate historically-informed or contemporary performances of New Spanish music, I have edited dozens of works with the scholarly-minded musician in mind. I am pleased to make these available to performers and to collaborate on concerts; however, I no longer keep complete musical editions freely posted online. The following is an abbreviated list of works I have available that have been already been performed from; there are many more available. Please contact me at <drew@drewedwarddavies.com> if you are interested in this music.

1. Manuel de Sumaya, Del más soberano Olimpo
Villancico for the Assumption. SSAT, bc

2. Gaspar Fernández, Xicochi conetzintle
Chanzoneta a4. SSAB

3. Ignacio Jerusalem, Symphony in G major
Symphony. 2vl, bc

4. Antonio de Salazar, Señas ve claras
Villancico for the Virgin of Guadalupe. Ab, SATb

5. Ignacio Jerusalem, Es aurora presurosa
Aria. S, 2vl, bc

6. Miguel Matheo Dallo y Lana, Lauda Sion
Sequence for Corpus Christi. SATB, SSAT, bc

7. Ignacio Jerusalem, A la tierra venid
Villancico for Christmas. SSAT, 2cor, 2vl, bc

8. Ignacio Jerusalem, Esta noche las zagalas - Al portal zagales
Cantada for Christmas. SATB, 2cor, 2vl, org, bc

9. Ignacio Jerusalem, Cristal bello
Aria with flute obbligato. S, fl, 2vl, bc

10. Francisco Siria, Parce mihi
Lesson from the Office of the Dead, with flute obbligato. S, A, fl, 2vl, vlc, bc

11. Antonio de Salazar, Alarma toquen
Villancico for the Virgin of Guadalupe. Tb, SATb

12. Antonio de Salazar, Arde afable hermosura
Villancico for Christmas. SSb, SATb, SATb

13. Antonio de Salazar, Atención, que si copia la pluma
Villancico for the Virgin of Guadalupe. Sb, SATb

14. Antonio de Salazar, Oigan, que se aparece
Villancico for the Virgin of Guadalupe. SATb, SATb

15. Antonio de Salazar, Pues el alba aparece
Villancico for the Virgin of Guadalupe. SATb, SATb

16. Ignacio Jerusalem, Al combate
Ode for Charles III. SATB, bc, 2vl, 2cor, 2tpt, timp

17. Antonio Juanas, Salve regina
Antiphon. SATB, bc. optional: 2vl

18. Antonio Juanas, Lumen ad revelationem
Antiphon. SATB, bc

19. Antonio Juanas, Vidi Dominem sedentem
Responsory. SATB, bc

20. Ignacio Jerusalem, Magnificat for two sopranos
Canticle. SS, bc, 2vl

21. Francisco Javier García Fajer, Dixit Dominus
Psalm. Spanish music from Mexican source.

22. Antonio Rodríguez de Hita, Missa Ecce sacerdos magnus
Mass. Spanish music from Mexican source.

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